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After 30 years of practicing architecture, I turned my focus to painting.  My art is an extension of my career, moving from geometric and linear, to abstract and free form.  I find it a continuing process of learning what I can do with paint and discovering what paint can do for me. 


I work in acrylic paints, and I experiment with a variety of material application methods from brushes to credit cards, rags to squeegees.  I handle the canvas over and again, forming multiple layers of paint which gives the piece its texture and color. The paintings are my emotional and spiritual expression.

I earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Boston Architectural College.  I hold membership in the American Institute of Architects and the Boston Society of Architects.  I am a member of the New Art Center, Newton Artist Association and Watch City Arts.  I live and work in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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Instagram: ronrobergeart

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Free Model 2019 18x24 aoc.JPG

Self Portrait
24" x 18"

96" x 120"

Studio 6.2020.jpg
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